Report from Bukavu & Goma, DRC Mission – June 2017

Many, O Lord my God, are the wonders you have done. The things you planned for us no-one can recount to you; were I to tell of them, they would be too many to declare.”

Psalm 40:5

School for Pastors, Bukavu

We have held a Bukavu School for Pastors before and the Pastors had been putting our teachings into practise in our absence. We were challenged to find that their teaching practices were confused and showed a lack of basic understanding. We had planned that they be released to the churches on the Sunday and then to teach the vulnerable women’s two day conference so we had to ensure that their understanding was secure by then.

We thank everyone who prayed into this for us during the trip and those who offered us sound advice. We are so grateful that Bishop Bahati had the faith to know that his Pastors would pull through; and they did. On the Sunday the Pastors taught brilliantly on forgiveness in five churches and they powerfully enacted the dramas.

We had thirteen teaching sessions at the Women’s Conference that followed. All of the sessions were clear and instructive with excellent dramas and they were mostly conducted by the Pastors. Many testimonies affirm that God did a wonderful thing through each Pastor:

“I arrived here very, very ill. I wanted to die but God has helped me. I could not find medicines but when a Pastor prayed for my sickness my head was healed.” 

The Pastors expressed delight and for some the understanding had come for the first time. This was a typical testimony and for these we praise God:

“I have learnt many things I have heard before but now I understand. Particularly emotions, anger and fear. I feel helped to release my emotions and I am now sleeping well and feel well in my heart.” 

Before closing the School we held a teaching session on Healing the Land and this was new teaching for many of the Pastors. Afterwards they were able to put their learning into practice. Now many are excited by the prospect of praying for the healing of their own land areas and boundaries.

Conference for Women Counsellors in Goma

We were so thankful to God for his provision of a wonderful journey up Lake Kivu, a most beautiful guest house on the side of the Lake, and the sweet fellowship enjoyed with the HEAL Africa staff and others.

The two days spent here were joyous and filled with laughter and God’s love. Nearly all gave testimony of healing; mostly through forgiveness:

I had many conflicts at work that I did not want to work any more. I was carrying anger and unforgiveness inside. The revelation that forgiveness is not reconciliation really helped. I did not want to come to the training but the teaching was just for me. I don’t have to suffer any longer for what others have done to me. I AM FREE.’  

The Prayers of the Mission Prayer Team (MPT)

There were many encouraging testimonies and each one was an answer to the prayers of all the saints from around the world who upheld us and journeyed with us. Many seeds have been sown and the harvest reaped. If you would like to join our MPT and pray for us during our next mission trip then we would love you to have you on-board; do contact for more information.

“We go to spread the teaching. I will be visiting my 17 churches to teach. There are many things I learnt from the teaching for my churches. So I and Timothy will be spreading this teaching across the area.”

Many, O Lord are the wonders you have done. Amen