Christmas 2018 Appeal

South Sudan’s army has a developing chaplaincy and right now they have very little to fight with. They don’t have a history of theological training or years of local church ministry. No, they’re regular foot soldiers. Often straight from the front line, identified for their faith and given a new role. These 400 soldiers who have killed and seen killing have been called to minister healing, forgiveness and reconciliation, in a drive to bring peace and revival across the nation.

It’s an extraordinary move and they’ve asked for our help. We’ve been invited by South Sudan’s primate, Archbishop Justin Badi Arama, through the Justice Peace and Reconciliation Commission, to equip all 400 of these Chaplains with our teaching on forgiveness and freedom from trauma. And they’ve been tasked with taking this teaching back into the barracks across the whole country to minister God’s healing love to every foot soldier in South Sudan.

It’s a massive task but we’re up for it. In fact, we’ve already started. Will you help us finish it? Any amount you can give to this work would be wonderful. As a guideline for your gift it may be helpful for you to know that £20 helps provide a day’s training for a Chaplain and £100 helps a Chaplain complete the whole Flame training course. You can give to this work by cheque, BACS transfer or credit/debit cards via Paypal. All the information you need regarding giving to us can be found on our donations page.

Thank you and blessings to you all,