Mission Report: Jordan May 2018

A team of eight have recently returned from a 10 day mission Jordan, working with refugees.

2 days ministering in one church brought this testimony:  a retired policeman who had been seriously persecuted by his fellow policemen and his career not advancing because of his Christian faith, chose to forgive these men and his anger left him and he knows he is a changed man. He realised that his anger and unforgiveness was only harming him, not his persecutors.

Although there had been doubts about these 2 days of the programme, afterwards we realised the Lord had meant it to happen and the team prayed with a number of people who were clearly healed.  The Pastor of the Church was delighted and the second night’s attendance was much bigger than the first as the Pastor saw the effect it was having on the countenance of the refugees. 

We then had four evenings with another church in Amman and on the first day we met a couple who had secured a place in a Western country, however they were delayed because of a visa issue with their child. They were disappointed, so we prayed for the documentation. They also decided to attend the seminar and on the last evening testified that they realised the Lord had delayed them to enable them to get rid of hatred, anger and unforgiveness and they realised their hearts were now soft and they were ready spiritually to go to their new home. A day after our Seminar finished the documentation was released and they are now in their new location. 

Another man who we had ministered to last year and who forgave a terrorist organisation who had bombed his car, burnt down his house and tried to shoot him while he was driving, is so progressing in his Christian faith that when one of his persecutors came to Jordan looking for medical help, he assisted him. This is raw reconciliation and when Jesus decides to heal people He takes them further than we could ask or imagine. 

Finally, another couple who had been terrorised told us that the teaching was aimed just at them and they had realised they had to forgive, they needed to be released from trauma and they needed emotional healing. They testified to being transformed as a result of Jesus ministering to them facilitated by the Flame team.

We also ministered to 37 lady Refugees who are not used to Christian teaching, but their response was so touching as they came to receive the Holy Spirit in tears and realised the importance of forgiveness.  The Lord loves the broken hearted and we had the privilege of ministering to them.

Each member of the team was uniquely used by the Lord and it was clear He gave them all divine appointments to minister to individuals, the team were a joy! 

 This has been a thrilling mission and we praise the Lord for his faithfulness.