Mission Report: Sudan People’s Liberation Army Chaplains September 2017

Thank you for all who prayed for the mission to SPLA Chaplains in Juba, South Sudan.  In a nation in which lawlessness appears to prevail, this was a unique opportunity to influence the gate-keepers of the nation (the army, police and other military organisations) through the Chaplains.  Our trusted partners there asked us to come to teach and pray with 50 pastors for a pilot project, but we had up to 73 each day. They did not know what to expect but were soon all excited about the teaching and what the Lord was doing in their lives. The Chief Chaplain to the Prisons was instantly healed of malaria and testified to the healing. The Lord was clearly setting the agenda.

When forgiveness was taught we had some unusual testimonies. Difficult things were happening to the Chaplains in the evenings but they were now choosing to forgive and then bless and were coming to inform us, which encouraged the team so much that they were appropriating the teaching.

Mid-week there was a financial issue and the Lord touched some hugely generous supporters and the financial problems were resolved, we were so grateful to the Lord.   Each day the excitement grew at this workshop. Each day many were being physically healed and they could not contain their excitement.

On the fourth day after most of the healing teaching had taken place we had a prophetic word from one of our intercessors that these dear ones had frozen pipes and there were blockages in their lives and that the Holy Spirit would come like a blow torch and melt the blockages away. So we abandoned our programme and invited the Holy Spirit to come and for over an hour the Holy Spirit was doing deep surgery in the lives of many of them. One Chaplain testified that he heard a voice say “you are a stiff necked people” and as he asked the Holy Spirit to continue healing; he then heard another voice saying “Nothing is impossible with God!” He told us that after sleep he was completely physically and spiritually healed!  He was not alone and they all knew the strong presence of the Lord was with them.

Many of the Chaplains had not been paid for 6 months and there is an issue of hunger in the city, which leads to looting, robbing and even killing. On the final day we taught on Healing the Land and the Director of Religious Protocol attended and he fully took hold of the teaching and was urging us to return. We also had the Primate of Episcopal Church of the Sudan (ECS) in attendance for the Closing Address and he invited us to return even though he had not heard our teaching but so many Chaplains had informed him of the fruit of the ministry.

We hope 2018 will be a real focus to train all 400 SPLA Chaplains and your prayers  for these men and women to really influence the army and police for Kingdom of God and for peace to come in the nation is our plea!  The ordinary people are desperate for peace but hatred, tribalism, anger, bloodshed needs to stop and the teachings of Jesus needs to take root in the hearts of all the Christians.