Mission Reports & Upcoming Mission Dates

Missions Coming Up:

South Sudan: 15th February – 2nd March 2019

Armenia: 31st May – 15th June

South Sudan: 14th – 25th July

Next Generation mission to refugee camps in Uganda: 29th August – 14th September 2019

South Sudan: 25th October – 10th November

Uganda: 1st – 15th November

Jordan 17th – 25th November 2019

Completed Missions :

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Armenia Intercessory Prayer: 3rd-10th November 2018

Next Generation Mission to Uganda: 31st August-15th September 2018

South Sudan: 31st June – 15th July 2018

South Sudan: 9th-23rd March 2018

Armenia: 3rd-17th March 2018

SPLA Chaplains, Sudan September 2017

Northern Uganda August 2017

Bukavu: 17th-30th June 2017

Central Asia 28th April – 14th May 2017