Report from Armenia & Nagorno-Karabakh Mission – March 2017


The Capital of Armenia:

  • Ground breaking ministry to 41 Priests & Deacons from the Armenia Apostolic who work as Chaplains to the military.


A town with much unemployment, hopelessness & very few men as they have disappeared to Russia:

  • Prayer & ministry to 35 people & lives were touched & changed.  We were invited to return & we hope to minister to more people next time.


Epicentre of the earthquake in 1988:

  • Ministry to over 90 people crammed into a house with a large living room! The people sat on hard benches for over 6 hours listening & receiving transformation & hopelessness turned to hope.

A Kurdish village:

  • Ministry to more than 50 marginalised people (Yasidi faith background). The Lord touched, healed & ministered to people in an extraordinary way. One man said he had forgiven 10 people from 20 years ago. The pastor saw that his congregation had been changed by the power of the Holy Spirit.


A disputed territory, internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan but most of the region is governed by the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, a de facto independent state with Armenian ethnic majority:

  • We were denied authority by the government to run a Seminar to a branch of the Armenian Apostolic Church. So we spent the week receiving daily encouragement through powerful intercession & were held up in prayer by our Mission Prayer Team from around the world. Finally we had breakthrough & we had a very strategic & unprecedented meeting with 11 Priests & Deacons from the Armenian Apostolic Church establishing a relationship with them & building trust. This was of greater strategic significance than the seminar would have been!
  • We ministered at a Russian speaking house group to 27 women, also to another church with another 35 people one evening.


  • We were so grateful for prayers of the saints because there was a battle that was won in the spiritual realm which we could not have done as a team on our own. We returned home rejoicing with shouts of joy! It was clear the Lord Jesus Christ had used us for His glory & the spiritual battle was won over the 3 weeks of this eventful mission.