Report from Aweil, South Sudan Mission – January/February 2017

The team have returned from Aweil truly blessed from the favour and hand of God clearly on this mission. Spiritual battles were quickly overcome by the powerful hand of God; bringing healing to body, soul and spirit.

Conference and Workshop for Pastors:

Right at the start the team prayed for those involved in slavery, and asked for forgiveness on their behalf. The outpouring of forgiveness and love from the 47 Pastors broke all barriers between us and enabled their hearts to be opened to receive healing. One Pastor was healed of swelling and restricted movement all down the side of his body. Another, who was shot 20 years ago whilst serving in the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Army (SPLA), was healed of all the pain in his body, hand and foot as we prayed for the trauma to leave him.

Church Service:

Three people received salvation and became followers of Jesus. Two of those did not normally attend the church but were compelled to visit that Sunday. We saw amazing healing as these new believers were prayed for.

A day’s ministry for vulnerable women:

We were overwhelmed by a day ministering to 71 women where we had a strong sense of them being ministered to by angels. The presence of God was awesome. There was a stampede when we offered hugs and we found we were smothered by at least 3 women at a time as they clung to us. Many told their stories of relief from body pain, hope was restored as they laid their burdens at the Cross and pain held for many years lifted off. Grief and loss was lifted off after years of carrying so much pain. Forgiveness was key to their healing as they bravely released people who had deeply hurt them; some for the first time.

Prison Visit:

A number of prisoners were physically in chains and it was clear that God was freeing the men from spiritual chains as we moved amongst them.

SPLA visit:

We spent a day with the SPLA Division 3. The soldiers received teaching on forgiveness. They were encouraged to bring to their minds those that had hurt them who they needed to release and forgive. They were each given a red disc to symbolise these hurts and were invited to nail the disc to the cross as a physical act of letting go of the hurt and forgiving the person. There was an overwhelming response and a mad scramble to do this. Before we left we had a powerful time of prayer with the men and many received healing.

Fifteen Chaplains worked in the barracks and we were able to pray with them. One of the two senior Chaplains who attended the earlier conference and workshop was a changed man when he greeted us as we arrived at the barracks. It was so clear that God has completed a major transformation in his life.

More to share…

There is much more that we could share from this trip and this is only a taster of the banquet God had for us all.

“Praise be to God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.” Ephesians 1:3