Mission Report: Jordan October 2017

We have just completed a pioneering mission to Amman, Jordan where the Flame team saw the lives of many refugees change as they ministered to leaders and refugees there. The team also had the blessing of seeing some sights in Jordan which is not a common occurrence for us, but it was such a joy and to gain some understanding of this biblical land including Petra, what an amazing opportunity the Lord gave us.

We watched Jesus transform people’s lives while we were there. We had just over 30 people for 4 nights; loving them, giving them all our teaching and praying with them. It was hard for the guests because many of them had been at work all day nevertheless they just lapped everything up. We had received a prophetic word that the teaching was going to go deep from the start and indeed it did. One man previously from another religion told us that prior to our teaching he wanted to kill the perpetrators on the terrorism and war in Iraq but now he has forgiven them and wants to hug them! We just watched the love of Jesus fill them and demonstrate his power in their lives. One lady who did not miss a session all week told our host that this pioneering week for us was the best week of her life! Why, because Jesus showed her His love! Alleluia! The Pastor and his wife are noting the change in their church members and have urged us to return.

In the last 2 days of the mission we ministered to 25 refugees and some who attended the first 4 days also attended these days too, the hunger was so great for spiritual truth. One of the refugees shouted out loud as he nailed his forgiveness to the cross “I FORGIVE ISIS!”. One lady attended and arrived with a walking stick but after prayer returned the next night healed and without a stick.

We ministered to 300 ladies one morning who came for humanitarian aid and also received the Gospel message at the same time. We prayed personally for about 50 of them.We just rejoice in the Lord who changes lives and thank Him for his faithfulness. We are seeing great upheaval in the world but we know He is Sovereign and will bring His plans to completion.