By Gareth Barton

Saffi’s husband is a soldier in the Congolese Army. When the M23 rebels overran their home city of Goma the army soldiers had a tough decision to make – either join the rebels or run for your life. He, along with his pregnant wife and their children, chose to run. Saffi picks up the story:

“In fact most of the city’s soldiers fled when the rebels arrived, so I left my home behind and went into hiding with my husband and the children. I was six months pregnant and after a while we began to run out of food. That’s when he suggested that I go back to the house to collect some supplies – he knew he’d be killed if he was caught by the rebels. It was risky for me too as we knew what could happen if they caught me. But he insisted that I should be the one to go. When I arrived at my house I immediately knew that I was in trouble as I discovered several rebel soldiers had moved in. I couldn’t escape and I was raped.

“After the rape I had complications with the baby and he died inside of me.”

“After the rape I had complications with the baby and he died inside of me – I had to give birth to a dead baby. When I finally managed to find my husband again he rejected me and asked for a divorce as I’d been used by another man and his baby had died, and it was my fault. I’m now on my own with my other children. I don’t know where my husband is.”

Saffi was one of 50 women who’d been the victims of rape who participated in one of our specialist conferences in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. Her response to the teaching and the ministry was extraordinary, and she found healing and wholeness in Christ Jesus. Now she stands tall and strong and is committed to helping others.