S  H  A  P  I  N  G               F  O  R                 L  I  F  E

The Forge is our two year discipleship programme with three teaching streams covering discipleship, prayer ministry and mission & leadership. The programme is delivered over 7 Saturdays each year.

The course aims to shape participants for mission: seeking to develop and nurture individual skills and gifts; enabling all team members to realise their full potential, while identifying and developing future ministry leaders.


  • Develop spiritual practices that strengthen and deepen a personal relationship with God
  • Bring a deeper understanding of Jesus’ command to all believers in Matthew 28 – the Great Commission
  • Teach and develop skills & understanding for full participation in overseas mission
  • Actively prepare participants to fulfil leadership and team roles on mission
  • Engender the discipline of effective mission teams through Godly handling of relationships and leadership responsibilities
  • Gain experience in using a range of scriptural tools for ministering healing and deliverance


  • Disciples of Jesus who are more confident in their relationship with God and able to minister healing and deliverance safely and effectively
  • Fully operational and effective mission teams, working under the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit
  • A pool of Godly people capable of taking a leadership role on the mission field

Who is it for?*

  • Anyone wishing to go on mission with Flame International (but participating in The Forge is not a pre-requisite)
  • Those who have been on mission and wish to develop their personal skills to be more effective on team
  • Everyone wishing to develop their prayer ministry skills for use on mission or in their local church
  • Those wishing to gain a deeper understanding of God’s heart for mission
  • Anyone who represents Flame in any capacity (e.g. Ambassadors or Staff)
  • Those who support us in prayer via the Mission Prayer Team (MPT)
  • All ages with an emphasis towards young adults


    Saturdays in 2020: Feb 29, Mar 28, Apr 25, May 30, Jun 27, Sep 26, Oct 24


    9.30am – 4pm


    St Paul’s Church, Crawley Ridge, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 2AD


    £20 per teaching day (please contact us if this is an issue)

    Register your interest:

    Yes, I would like to register my interest in becoming a participant on the Flame International discipleship course The Forge. Please send me more details.


    *Anyone may apply to attend but Flame International reserves the right to filter and apply restrictions.