Host a Flame International Tea Party!

Hosting a Flame International Tea Party is a great opportunity to tell people about our life changing ministry. If you are an Ambassador or going on mission with Flame International then bring your family, friends and colleagues together for tea and cake, watch the Flame film and talk for a short while about the mission of Flame International.

There is no expectation of fund raising at the Flame International Tea Parties. After hearing more about our ministry people may wish to give to Flame International but this won’t be the focus of the party.

We supply a hosting pack for you to help you, your pack will include 10 invitations, 4 Flame International branded balloons and 2 A4 posters for notice boards. If you would like more invitations or posters then please contact our office for more to be sent to you or you can download them using the links at the bottom of this page and print them out.

Sign up here to host your Tea Party!

Yes! I would like to host a Flame International Tea Party. Please send my hosting pack to the following name and address:*

*Flame International reserves the right to filter and apply restrictions for Tea Party host applicants.


Tea Party Hosting Pack Digital Downloads: