Mission Report: Armenia March 2018

We had a very good mission to Armenia for which we thank the Lord! And we thank you for praying. We ministered to around 50 Chaplains to the Army from the Armenian Apostolic Church and we spoke about Healing the Land and Forgiveness. We challenged them to forgive their enemies in order for their nation to move forward and come into its destiny in the Lord Jesus Christ.  We were asked the inevitable question, how can they forgive without an apology from the nation who undertook the genocide. This was answered by Jesus stating on the cross “ Father forgive them for they know not what they do”. We need to really pray for these men to have revelation about forgiveness

Some of the team members had a slightly separate programme for a day or two and between us we visited the British Ambassador, preached in Hrazdan to a church and one person potentially set up an intercession mission later in 2018.

The ministry with the Pentecostal Churches in Ashterak, Alaverdi, Spitak and a Kurdish Village was very well received and I had had an email from the Pastor in Ashterak which said “I want to say that during this Sunday service the atmosphere was other than before. Something has changed. Great thanks to Flame International team”. The Pastor at Alaverdi said the teaching had gone deeper than last year and was clearly really encouraged. The Pastor at Spitak was exceptionally excited and told us he had received significant healing last year, indeed we heard many testimonies of healing from our previous visit as well as this year. Finally at the Kurdish Village we heard a number of testimonies of healing but they were particularly excited about undertaking the Healing the Land which we taught! I believe they will appropriate that for themselves and we will have a testimony of how their land becomes more fruitful!

We have also started the filming for our new marketing film and got some very good footage and testimonies.

A few testimonies of healing:

Lady – had pain in hand and after prayer it was gone.

Lady – came with her mother who had hypertension and the symptoms could be seen in her face. She went home healed of this.

Lady – had a pain in her eyes for 2 days. This was a new thing and during prayer it had gone. Lady – had suffered fears and doubts for 2-3 days – after ministry for fears this was gone.

Lady – only had 1100 Dram (£1.75) to her name and when the collection went round yesterday she put in the 1000 Dram note, almost all she had, in faith that God would bless. Husband goes to Russia to work and each time his salary has been 50,000 but got a call from Russia to say it would be 60,000 – a big blessing!

Lady – testimony from last year – had stomach pain that was healed during mission last year.

Lady – testimony from last year – had great family problems that she could not speak about, but also had pre-cancerous growths in her womb and problems in her breast. She was healed after prayer and knows that God healed her.

Pastor – had several problems with sickness, fears, worry, anxiety -thank the Lord this is gone and he has joy.

While at the Pastor’s house for hospitality a phone call came in from a lady who had had a goitre in her neck, swelling in the thyroid. After prayer the swelling had gone down but there was still some sort of restriction. After more prayer for healing and lifting curses, and repentance by the lady, this residual restriction was lifted.