Mission Report: Next Generation to S. Sudanese Refugees Sept 18

Our latest exciting mission was to the refugee camps in Northern Uganda for the South Sudanese from Kajo Keji Diocese. We had a great team of young adults who all taught, prayed, took part in dramas and were part of the Kingdom of God extending!  This was a special mission going to 56 young leaders in refugee camps who were displaced from Kajo Keji, South Sudan in January 2017.  The team was dynamic, excited and radical, and they were a joy to have on mission with us. We had 2 young men from South Sudan which gave great depth to the team.

When we arrived in Entebbe we trained our team in teaching and preaching skills. Each individual had been given a teaching topic and many of the team taught it four times, growing in confidence each time. We then had a good trip to Moyo travelling by MAF aircraft which is exciting in itself. MAF are an extraordinary organisation who save lives and transport teams like ours to remote parts of Africa as well as other continents. We cannot speak too highly of them!

We stayed in Moyo for 11 nights driving an hour/hour and half to two different refugee camps each day. On our first day, 6 youth leaders gave their lives to Jesus. As our team taught we had testimonies of people being set free from fear, from believing lies and growing in stature as the word of God was preached. Many chose to forgive and they embraced our teaching on Generational Influences. We prayed for healing for them  all and a few testimonies are outlined here:

  • Boy healed from leg pain after team prayed for him
  • Boy had little faith but now he loves Jesus
  • Boy had fear building up inside him and after hearing the fear talk, got prayer and was healed from it
  • Girl had pain in her stomach and was set free after receiving prayer
  • Girl fearful about going back to school but after hearing teaching on fear is confident and wants to go back
  • Girl was fearful of worshipping out loud but after prayer and hearing talk she confidently worshiped
  • Boy had pain in his shoulder and felt sick. After prayer he was healed and felt so much better
  • One boy lost his father and was feeling really angry. After hearing the Word of God he felt much better and the anger was taken away
  • Another boy was experiencing trauma and unforgiveness after an argument with his brother. After the talks and prayer he said he felt a lot lighter
  • Another girl was disturbed by visions at night by the loss of her father, after a lot of prayer she slept peacefully
  • Harriet had pain in her arm and she was healed
  • Girl had pain behind her right eye and after prayer she was healed
  • Pastor had shoulder pain and after prayer was healed
  • Man had us pray for a serious infection in his nose last year, he told us he was still completely healed
  • One man couldn’t hear and had pain in his ear, after praying with the team he was healed and can now hear
  • 2 women had a lot of pain in their backs but after prayer both were healed
  • A man was finding it difficult to speak and after the forgiveness talk he decided to nail a disc to the cross and forgive someone who had hurt him. He was relieved of pain and can now speak again
  • Man was fearful of failure so he never acted upon anything, after hearing the talk about fear he got prayer and is now not fearful

These testimonies are just the tip of the iceberg, nearly every person we prayed for received some measure of healing. This was evident in how their countenance changed over the three days!

We had a day when the local community came to hear all our teaching and during the four days over 30 committed their lives to Jesus!  As we prayed with people Jesus was healing chronic headaches, back-pain, arms and stomach ulcers. It was wonderful to see the Lord Jesus touching and healing the lives of these people who have no access to medical care. What a joy!

On Sunday we went to 6 different churches and spoke to over 2000 people on forgiveness. We received a very positive response in each church. The team prayed with sick folk in congregations and Jesus healed many! Our team came back rejoicing in all that the Lord had done.

We then started the programme over again in Morrobi refugee camp and we continued to see the Lord’s blessing and salvation. Over the two weeks more than 60 people met with Jesus for the first time, a number of people made recommitments and many forgave those who had hurt them. On the final day in this camp we had an attendance of 506 people who engaged with the ministry the Lord was doing. Many young leaders were transformed and we know individual lives and families and communities will have been significantly impacted.

A final few testimonies from week two!


  • One person suffered from headaches and back pain and after prayer was healed
  • Boy had huge heartache from a past event but decided to forgive people and he was released from the heartache
  • Girl suffering with no peace in her heart, after the teaching and prayer she said she was healed
  • Girl was unable to stand up and address people and also suffered from stomach pains, after prayer she confidently stood up and gave her testimony that she was healed
  • A girl was released from a heavy burden
  • A boy was abandoned by his father and after prayer was released from the heavy burden
  • Girl had pain in her heart from exile but after prayer she felt set free
  • 20+ people said that they slept better after prayer the day before
  • When asked if people were feeling better, everyone in the room put their hands up!
  • Boy was healed from an unsettled heart
  • Boy was healed from knee pain and neck pain
  • Boy was healed from leg pain
  • Girl was healed from her allergy to beans
  • One boy was not at all interested in coming to the Flame Conference but after a day he felt it was right to be there and he was very interested in the teaching. He was also healed from headaches and body pain

Over the two weeks we gave out 110 second hand bibles which were donated by St Paul’s Church, Camberley. The joy from these youth leaders was immeasurable! In the second camp 15 of 56 had never owned a Bible.

We thank the Lord for all that He did in touching so many lives during this mission.