Mission Report: South Sudan February 2019


A team of 10 went to Juba for 2 weeks, to minister to 56 SSPDF (South Sudanese People’s Defence Forces – formerly SPLA) Army Chaplains, over 2000 people in church services, 40 Clergy of Juba Diocese, 40 members of the Mothers Union and over 120 prisoners at Juba Prison.

It was a mission which saw many lives transformed, many healed and individuals and their families touched by the love of Jesus.  It was challenging due to the heat, but it was also very rewarding to see the love of Jesus touch and change lives.

On our first day of the SSPDF Chaplains’ Conference we had a word from one of our intercessors that someone had a throbbing pain behind their right eye.  Ten people responded to the word and they all had a measure of healing that day, but one of the senior Chaplains had been wounded by a bullet years previously on the right side of his body, and he came the next day so excited that he had received his eyesight back and was so grateful throughout the conference.

Throughout the Chaplains’ Conference we had testimonies of healing: One Chaplain said that after prayer yesterday for his brother who was in prison, he was now going to be released today, and he was!  A lady who had just been in hospital with Malaria and Typhoid and had many aches and pains, was now healed after prayer.  Another Chaplain had three sick children at home.  When he got home, one was completely healed, and he knew it was because of prayer.  Another one was prayed for about poverty and no food at home.  When he got home, he found a lot of food, including a chicken on his table!

Please pray that after so many had their lives transformed, these SSPDF Chaplains will be able to take the teaching back to their army units and we will start to see changes within the army!  We long to see revival in the army; it would change the nation.

We had an extraordinary day in the churches, preaching on the power of forgiveness; and the feedback from the churches indicated that the Holy Spirit was there to help people to forgive.  We give thanks for this wonderful opportunity, which is open to us through the support of the Diocese of Juba, headed up by Archbishop Justin Badi!

We ministered to about 40 Clergy in Juba Diocese, many of whom were touched by the Holy Spirit.  It finished with a powerful confession and repentance of sin on the land by the Clergy, and I would ask you to pray that they would take the teaching back to their churches and apply it!

The day with the Mothers Union was a joy; they are so receptive, hungry for God’s word and full of faith.  Many backs, heads and chronic sicknesses were healed and it was a day of rejoicing for us all.

Finally, we went to the prison and there was much excitement as we ministered to 120 men and about 10 women.  Again, they responded quickly to the teaching with enthusiasm and faith!  We then were able to pray for all those who needed healing and the favour of the Lord was with us.  As we asked the Holy Spirit to remain in the prison and bring revival, there was a cool breeze that moved through the area, and we believe the Lord has left a deposit of His Holy Spirit there!

The team came home rejoicing.  They have served the people of South Sudan and they gave their all.