Mission Report: South Sudan March 2018

In March we had another successful mission to Juba, South Sudan to train SSPDF (South Sudanese People’s Defence Forces – formerly SPLA) Chaplains. Some of the chaplains who attended were from last year, and others were new. There was a strong sense of the presence of God right from the start and we enjoyed precious times with the Holy Spirit touching and healing. The response to the teaching was good and there was a lot of forgiveness and emotional release and subsequent testimonies of physical healing.

There were several testimonies of healing following our visit last September. All the Chaplains received Bibles in their chosen local language and some took packets of New Testaments and Psalms (NT&Ps) back to their barracks and churches. 160 NT&Ps and 111Bibles, in 9 different languages, were given out. We are grateful to those who gave so generously to enable Bibles to be purchased.  

In the second week we ministered to guests staying/living at the ECSSS Guest House. We visited General A, Director Moral Orientation, and met with over 40 SSPDF Chaplains, all of whom had attended a Flame Trauma Healing Conference. This was the first time the Chaplains had chosen to meet together; and the first time General A had sat with Chaplains. It had never happened before and was definitely fruit from our conferences.

We visited SSPDF Barracks, about 68km North of Juba, where 40 adults and many children gathered in the mud-built church. We had one hour with them teaching and praying, and then prayed for physical healing. About 7 attendees said they had been physically healed.

It was made very clear to us that we are considered essential partners in the JPRC peace building effort. We are grateful to God for His purposes and plans in taking us to Juba and are thankful for your prayers.