Mission Report: SSPDF (formerly SPLA) Chaplains (Juba, S. Sudan) July 2018

“Every place that the soul of your foot will tread upon I have given you, as I said to Moses.” Joshua 1:3 ( this scripture was sent to the team and it was so true!)

A team of 8 went to Juba for 2 weeks to minister to the SSPDF (South Sudanese People’s Defence Forces – formerly SPLA) Chaplains, military officers and the clergy, the Mothers Union members of Juba Diocese and over 200 men and women in a prison.

52 SSPDF Chaplains came for the 5 days seminar of teaching and prayer ministry workshops. We started a day earlier than we anticipated as the Primate of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan was arriving the next morning for the Opening Ceremony. Only a handful had heard the teaching before but they listened intently, appropriated the teaching and we watched them change as the week went on. We taught for 3 days and then carried out 2 days of workshops where we coached the Chaplains to minister to each other. The favour we have with the very senior clergy as a result of years ministering in South Sudan is extraordinary!

The 13 years we have spent working with the Archbishops has resulted in a long-term relationship built on trust.  We really praise the Lord for this.

The Chaplains gave a number of testimonies and they have been encouraged to take the teaching to their military units, their families and their communities. Along with us the Archbishops were also keen to encourage the Chaplains to perpetuate our teaching which was fantastic. We are also grateful that a very good “Secretary” has been appointed to the Justice Peace and Reconciliation Commission. We were so impressed with him and this has really increased our confidence in what the Lord will do through this organisation although sadly he is not yet being paid .

Our film crew were with us for a few days and they got some wonderful footage for the films we are making. We recognise that only the Lord can give us the stories for the film and we have to trust him to do that. He has never let us down!

On Sunday the team preached to over 3000 people in several churches. During one of our preaches on forgiveness a senior army and political leader from another nation testified before many that he had forgiven the previous Vice President who had caused much bloodshed. This act was likely to have affected many others who struggled to forgive and it was a very strategic moment. In one of the churches the teaching was recorded and was broadcast on the radio that evening. We know the Lord was with us all.

We then ministered for 2 days to 65 clergy and leaders of Juba Diocese. We saw breakthrough and many people testified of what the Lord had done in their lives and were pleading with us to return! We then ministered to greater than 90 Mothers Union ladies who were just thrilled with our teaching. 18 of them gave testimony to healing and changed lives, including the healing of 2 babies who were with their mums.

On our final day we went to Juba Prison and ministered to about 200 male prisoners, originally we only had 45 minutes to teach but after praying we were told we had 90 minutes and in the end we were able to minister for about 2 and half hours! Our translators were the prisoners and they embraced everything we offered. Many prisoners are there falsely and many were able to forgive those who have put them there.  We were able to pray with many of them personally and we pray that the Lord will honour their obedience and set them free physically. The 30 women prisoners also enjoyed our teaching and we got to pray with all of them including about 10 Prison Wardens!

The team returned rejoicing in all the Lord did through them. We were constantly aware of your prayers; we know the Lord touched and changed lives and we continue to pray for peace in South Sudan. We believe we are playing a small part in this and we thank the Lord for His hand upon this very troubled nation.