Prayer Diary

We would love you to use this prayer diary to help focus your prayers for us this month:

November 2019

Week 1: For the team in Maiwut, South Sudan as they go into the churches to preach today and complete the Chaplain’s workshop tomorrow.  For the Clergy Conference and MAF flight to Juba on 7th, then return to the UK on 8th.
 Week 2: Please pray for the Jordan team departing today for Amman as they minister to Reach the Nations Bible School in Amman including many refugees.  Pray for the team:  Jan, Lydia P, Brenda S, Cheryl F, Val H, Christopher & Clare N, Ian N, Richard M and Patsy R.  Please pray for Natalie as she prepares for the International Conference.
Week 3: For Jordan team as they preach and then travel home on this day.  Pray for a recce that Jan and Richard M will have to a church in Lebanon on 18-20th.  For preparations leading up to the International Conference that all admin will go well.  Pray for the Primate of South Sudan and safe travel as he arrives in the UK on 20th.  Pray for Ken Symington as he prepares for the Conference.
Week 4: For the Trustee meeting on 29th and Conference 29th Nov – 1 December.  For Holy Spirit led decisions and unity.  For the speakers at the Conference, and for the Holy Spirit to hover over us all as we meet and share.  Pray for the presence of Jesus to be at this Conference.
Week 5: N/A

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