Tristan’s Story

My First Mission Trip with Flame International

Meeting the team for the first time at Heathrow Airport filled me with nervous excitement. A daunting realisation that this was actually happening tested my faith in God; “Should I really be going on this mission”?! Having never been on a mission trip before and not receiving any training for this mission I can’t say I felt that qualified, but my heart was in the right place. Having been finely tuned to Isaiah 6:8 “Whom shall I send…Send me”, all I really wanted to do was to help people who were in desperate need and tell them about the life and love of God our Father through His Son, Jesus Christ. 

Spending the first few days at a lodge in Entebbe, Uganda, was a good way to get to know the team. We spent time in worship and prayer and prepared our lessons for the mission. By the time we headed on our mission towards the Democratic Republic of Congo on a MAF flight, I felt ready to walk into what the Lord had planned for us.

I was given the topic “Freedom from Fear” to teach on, and I taught on it to people at Police Headquarters, Military Barracks, Churches and a Prison. What an opportunity it was to speak out loud the goodness and the Lordship of Jesus Christ to people who needed to receive His love and healing so much! Preaching in the prison was probably the highlight of my lessons. In one dark, smelly and cramped prison, about 120 prisoners scrambled together to listen to our teaching. They lived in such horrible conditions and you could see the fear and pain in all their eyes. I loved telling them about Jesus and how He has defeated fear. What a privilege! After we had finished teaching they came up for prayer, some giving their lives to Jesus and others being healed and set free from the hold of the enemy. Miracles!

I was so amazed and humbled at how the Lord used me. I remember one man I prayed for who struggled to walk on one of his legs; I was led by the Holy Spirit to tell him to stamp his foot on the ground as hard as he could whilst I prayed (which makes no sense to modern medicine!) and he walked off praising the Lord for his healing.

We saw many healings and God moving in amazing ways, but one thing that really struck me was when we visited a hospital. We met a teenage girl who was orphaned as she had lost all her family to tuberculosis, to which she was in hospital with the same disease. It was so sad to see her in this state, but Jan led me to share the Father’s love with her – and so I held her in my arms as we shed tears. What God did with her I do not know, but for a moment I knew the Father heart of God for His aching people, and it is beautiful and I believe that by God’s Grace, she received it.

This mission changed my life. It broke my heart for God’s people, taught me so much more about God than I knew before and stretched my faith as I went outside my comfort zone. A mission with Flame is tough. We were all challenged, all tested, but it is God’s desire to use His people to share His love, healing and freedom. We saw God move again and again. He is to be glorified for all that he did on my first mission with Flame International.