Flame’s Online Bespoke Courses are a place where we can meet together, sitting under teaching and encouragement to spur on the body in greater faith, knowledge, and action.
The Bespoke Courses are evening sessions online running for 2-4 weeks. 

Many of us will believe that there is a great need for a revival in our midst, and not just looking outwards, but also recognising our need for God to do it in our own hearts first.

But what is the common trend in revivals of old when the Holy Spirit comes deeply upon people’s hearts? One preacher in the 1859 Ulster revival reported that,
“A hatred of sin (1), a love for the Saviour (2), a zeal for His cause (3), an affection for one another (4), and an anxiety about perishing sinners (5), took absolute possession of their hearts, and literally ruled and governed their actions.”

We have thoroughly enjoyed the first three courses on a hatred of sin (1), which is “The fear of the Lord”, a love for the Saviour (2) and most recently a zeal for His cause (3). We are excited to continue to seek Jesus' heart as we look into His desires for us to have a growing affection for one another (4). This topic will be dealt with in two evening sessions and we will listen to teaching and will take intentional time to soften our hearts towards fellow believers.

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