July 2024

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As I write this editorial, I have just returned from a mission in Central Asia which is on one of the Silk Routes. We are very focussed on this area and throughout this edition you will see highlights from the mission, testimonies of previous missions and an article from our first Forge in Armenia on the Silk Routes. I have personally been impacted on this mission (as I was face down praying under the map of the Silk Routes) of how important it is for the gospel to be preached to these nations. Many people groups in this area have not yet been impacted by the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Colin Poulton has given us an outstanding article of what we can expect at the End of Time, which helps us understand why we are so passionate about taking our teaching on ‘healing the broken hearted’, to help people stand firm to the end.
We have some excellent testimonies of healing from our Forge courses, and we look forward to going to Refuel in Scotland at the end of July to assist in recruiting for Forge Scotland.
We have some exciting missions going to Uganda and DRC in September, hopefully having had one to Nigeria in June. I also pray we go on a recce trip to Ukraine with the hope of a mission in 2025.
We just sense the Lord’s hand upon us, and I am excited to see our ministry grow with new mission team leaders. Thank you for supporting us, we need your prayers! We are also asking for new financial supporters to give to us regularly. We are praying you will consider this!

Blessings Galore!

Jan Ransom, Founder & Director

We often talk about our supporters as family, because there is a sense of friendship and belonging when we gather together as Flame.  
Our Supporter Weekends help us build these relationships; we also have plenty of time together to worship and hear from God.  
Equipping ourselves to be able to work together through training, prayer, giving and mission, to be the hands and feet of this ministry.
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It is an honour to minister to church leaders, but this was taken to a new level when we were able to run the Forge for church leaders and their wives in Armenia. Having established the Forge in the UK, this was our first Forge to be run overseas. I have always said that I wished I knew what I know now when I was a church minister, so being able to equip and minister to current leaders was always ...
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Type your new text here. We'll be at Gordon Castle again this year for The Refuel Summer Festival 2024.  The tickets are free and each year it just gets better and better! If you fancy some time out in the Scottish Highlands check out the event here - https://refuelscotland.org.uk/ ......
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This mission report is different because we were in a nation on one of the Silk Routes in Central Asia. Open Doors has ranked this one of the 50 countries where Christians face the most extreme persecution. We cannot give a moment-by-moment account, so I asked the members of the team to give me their highlights of the trip.JAN: Firstly, my highlight was landing in a nation where, on 1 June 2023, t...
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