God is doing a new thing in Flame International, by birthing Intercession Hubs for the Nations. 

We have always had amazing prayer support from our supporters but the Lord has challenged us to greater intimacy and intercession, and we are grateful that within 1 year of beginning these Hubs, we now have 13 operative Hubs around the UK.

These Hubs, where groups of 3 to 10 people meet either in their homes or online once a month, are mandated to pray for the countries Flame ministers to. This is very strategic in the grand scope of things, as most of the countries Flame minister to are amongst, or directly bordered by the largely unreached people groups.
As we pray, the soil of people's hearts in those lands will be softened and spiritual resistance to the Gospel will be pushed back. We pray and intercede for the advancement of the Kingdom of God on the earth, and it is a joy and privilege to do so.

"Serve toward the fulfilment of the Great Commission by interceding for the nations which Flame impacts."

The geographical areas we will be asking our intercession hubs to pray for are:
  • Specific nations in Central Africa. Many of these nations suffer from war, violence and poverty. Flame has ministered and continues to minister to churches in central Africa.
  • Specific nations in the Middle East. Many of these nations are largely unreached but the churches are rapidly growing. Flame has wonderful opportunities to strengthen the believers from these nations and minister to other background “seekers”. We also consider it very important to pray for the nation of Israel.
  • Specific nations in South and Central Asia. Similar to the Middle East, many of these countries are closed to the Gospel. Though the church is growing, the believers are often suffering persecution. Flame has had, and hopefully will have, more opportunities to minister to persecuted believers.
  • United Kingdom. It is very good to be upholding our own nation in prayer, believing it has an important role in the worldwide church.

Join Us

 We’d love you to join with us.  We can place you in a hub, or if you already have people you’d like to pray with you can join as a group.  We will send monthly resources to support your times of intercession together.