Mission to Arua 2022

“Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the man who takes refuge in him” Psalm 34:8
Give thanks to God for another wonderful mission. This mission to the YWAM DTS and South Sudanese Pastors was contested right from the beginning and throughout. The devil tried to stop us at every stage and the battle increased in the second week when it became clear to us that the Pastors were receiving wholeheartedly.  Both the Pastors and ourselves recognised what was happening and joined in prayer against it, then celebrating the victory.
The team came together at Entebbe Airport for the first time since we had to travel on different airlines and from different locations.  We were joined by Bruno who had endured an 18-hour bus journey from Rwanda, and Joel completed our team once we arrived in Arua. We were due to fly with MAF, but the pilot had COVID, and the flight had to be cancelled. Thankfully MAF was able to negotiate with AIM who generously agreed to take us. We started after lunch with 18 DTS students and some staff members and enjoyed teaching and ministry until the Friday.  It was a good week with a mix of hearing and deaf students, a new and enjoyable experience for Flame.
Herbert understood forgiveness for the first time. He told us he really understood the teaching before he would listen and not understand but now the bible makes sense to him. It's like Samuel hearing God but not understanding until Eli told him what to say. Now he can listen to the Holy Spirit.
Now he also knows how to cleanse the land he is excited to plant seeds.
In 2014, Rail became deaf after being poisoned. His deafness caused him to isolate himself but now God has opened his heart and he is not locking people out anymore.
Sunday, we went to the 3 churches we visited in March, and we all enjoyed a very warm welcome as we preached and shared with the congregations.
Monday was an early start to Rhino Camp, a one-hour drive. We were grateful for dry roads which made the journey easier. Fifty Pastors and leaders from about 8 different churches gathered in the small mud brick church. The unity was a delight and the teaching and ministry flowed in the power of the Holy Spirit. Seven teachings and ministry were easily completed in the allotted time and at 4.15pm we were starting back to YWAM, followed by two minibuses carrying 18 precious Pastors who were to continue with us in Arua. One lady joined us the following day bringing the total to 19. We returned safely only to find the accommodation and feeding arrangements were lacking and it took a number of hours to secure temporary sleeping facilities. These were overcome by YWAM the following day, but it was hard for the Pastors and ourselves trying to find at least a mattress on the floor. Such was the battle. Thankfully nothing stopped the teaching and ministry which we continued to enjoy and see God's hand changing lives. The testimonies glorified God and witnessed to the victory won in every battle.
One Pastor testified to many things he had to do in camp but knew in his heart he had to come to this teaching.
During the 3 days of teaching he has realised the pains in his heart and hurts that have gone very deep. He now sees that unforgiveness and lack of confession has stopped those pains from being released. He knows this will bring great change in the camps and South Sudan
Another Pastor said the teaching on healing broken relationships taught him much about his relationship with his daughter. He loves her but had not forgiven her. He realised he had to do something to restore the relationship. He hadn't talked to daughter for 2.5 months. The same day he forgave and gave the situation to God, his daughter called him. He has learned not to be annoyed like that again because he now knows the goodness of the Lord. Now he is going too take it and preach it to his church so they can also be free.
One very senior Pastor who mentored other Pastors said is a teacher, but he realised he didn't teach in a way others can receive. He took videos of every drama so he can illustrate his teaching in a way that people can learn. Since he confessed sin, he felt release. His family was living in death but now he has confessed, God has released him to be free. He said he is so excited to use the teaching to cleanse land because the solution is now in his hands. He can even teach the elders. The teaching has brought them into unity and given them the courage to do the will of God.
Our return flight with MAF was not without issues but all were resolved by MAF, and we arrived safely back in Entebbe.
A day of administration and rest set us right for the overnight flight to the UK.
We were always conscious of the prayer support that definitely underpinned everything that took place. Thank you to everyone who prayed us through the mission. We so appreciated you holding up our arms.
Abundant blessings
Val and the team

Mission to Arua: 2021

Heal the sick who are there and tell them, "The kingdom of God is near you." Lk 10:9

A Flame team of 8 travelled to YWAM Arua, via Entebbe, on Monday 7 March to run a Trauma Healing Workshop for students on the Discipleship Training School (DTS). MAF Uganda flew us and we arrived late morning, settled into our accommodation and started the teaching that same afternoon. There were 15 students and 6 DTS Staff and it was clear that we were building on all that had gone before, and God had already prepared hearts to receive. There was such a sweet spirit in the place and the teaching flowed. As the week progressed we could see the teaching going deeper into the spirits of the students and a lightness come in their faces. When we went into small groups deep issues were ministered into, trauma lifted off, and captives set free. It was such a precious time and the testimonies that followed were moving and joyful. Here is just a taster of the testimonies
I would like to encourage my fellow students. What was outstanding for me was the Teaching on Fathers Love. Some of the memories of my parents made me feel very weak. I hid myself in a safe place where I can find love. Every time I heard a talk about the Father's love I could not receive it but now I’m free to talk about God.
Through the teachings something happened to me but I didn't realise what was holding me back. I felt such relief when soul ties were cut and an ungodly spirit was cast out.

I attended many trauma healing trainings but not like this. I know I'm wounded and had no help until I had ministry yesterday. The Holy Spirit came and delivered me from this trauma. The enemy tried to distract me but had no authority. The ungodly spirit was rebuked, and I was delivered.

Saturday was a rest day for the team and on Sunday we went to 3 South Sudanese churches. The team preached on Forgiveness in all 3 churches and gave the congregation the opportunity to forgive those who had hurt them. There was a good response as many chose to forgive. In one church 5 people responded to the Gospel message and altar call. In another a Muslim man gave his life to Jesus. He met some of the team on the Saturday and then joined them in the church. The amazing hand of God was on him because unbeknown to us, the pastor of the church was a Muslim convert, and he quickly took this new convert under his wing. We praise God who meets all our needs. Meanwhile in one of the other churches a mother arrived with an 18 month child on her hip and said he had never walked. She brought him forward for healing prayer and when the boy was prayed for and set on his feet, HE WALKED. Later that morning mother and son were walking along the road hand in hand. A huge miracle of healing and life changing for the child. A man who had forgiven his wife in the service gave testimony that he arrived with a very painful arm that was now healed and he was going home believing that he would be reconciled with his wife.
Sunday evening we greeted the Community Development Community (CDC) leaders arriving from Rhino Camp, and sometime later 3 ladies arrived safely from Juba having travelled on the road for 7 hours. The following morning we started the trauma healing workshop for 9 CDC leaders, 3 ladies from Rural Community Action for Peace and Development (RuCAPD) Juba and 5 YWAM staff. Two of the staff attended because their wives had attended the previous week and had received so much healing that they wanted the same. It was such a joy to have them with us.
Our first day was spiritually tough as relationships were established and the teaching started to take root. Thankfully through prayer in the heavenly realms the heaviness broke and day two was much lighter. There followed one more day of teaching then into small groups and individual prayer ministry. By this time hearts were being prepared and for some sharing their story came easily, but there were others who struggled with deep trauma and whose hearts were closed. Again there was a spiritual heaviness which the Lord broke overnight and the morning of ministry brought new release for some. The testimonies told the story of what God was able to do with open hearts.

Thanks to God. I was in the darkness but now I'm in the light. There were curses and with your training they were cut away. Now I am free. I backslid and have now come to the Lord again.

Through prayer my pain and anger I had for about 5 or 6 years was identified. I was not forgiving myself but only others. I had poor communication with my husband and was not bothered. He was so negative. I forgave my husband, a stone hearted man, and when I forgave he called me on the phone to check on the baby. (Something he has never done before). The devil is a liar! I feel very light and realise it is finished. Jesus has freed me from my burdens. Thank you so much.

I feel very blessed as this is my second time with this teaching. I am a slow learner and take in things very slowly. I come back to fill in what I missed out. God has brought me back for a purpose. When we talked about healing the emotion I realised why. I am a son of a second wife and not loved. I was so broken and no one in ministry had ever spoken so deeply about that. I felt something was happening in my life. I used to sleep for only four hours when I left here I slept so much more than four hours!

There were many more testimonies too numerous to tell here. Suffice to say most gave testimony of healing and we trust God with those who did not. There was such a joy that afternoon and spirits were high. Certificates were presented and Bishop Joseph Aba, Bishop of Liwolo Diocese, gave the closing address and word of encouragement before we all made our farewells. Those from Arua and Rhino Camp headed back home, and the Juba ladies set off early next morning. The team prepared for the MAF flight to Entebbe. The flight was delayed until the afternoon, then brought forward slightly only for us to then receive a call to go immediately to the airport. We made best speed and the aircraft and pilot were waiting. Back in Entebbe we enjoyed a much needed restful day before flying back to the UK.

Thank you so much for your prayers. We were upheld by them and were so encouraged by your scriptures and pictures.

Thank you from all of the team!
With our love and blessings