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“Blessing and Curses"
Saturday 09th December 2023 – @10:15am

A passion to share our teaching in this nation combined with the first COVID-19 lockdown gave birth to the Fireside. When it wasn’t possible to meet in person Zoom gave us the opportunity to bring the gentle healing ministry into our homes. We want to offer you the same ministry that we take into countries affected by war, genocide or oppression.
We would like to offer teaching that could help people overcome trauma & fear or to enable them to help others overcome this. You may not have been traumatised, but this teaching will bring resilience, hope and transformation into all our lives.
You may know somebody else who would benefit from this teaching, please invite them along. We would also welcome people coming along to support others.
For this next series we will be focusing on the basics of the healing ministry:
The Fireside from January to December 2023 is called ‘Back to Basics’ which is the basics of the healing ministry, including a short summary of topics we have covered in the past. The main talk will be 40 minutes long and the devotions will be taken from the Derek Prince Foundations Series, and they will be 15 minutes. We will have breakout rooms at the end so the attendees can talk these teachings through with facilitators. We can also offer prayer.

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