God's timing is perfect!

Having postponed Forge 1 South in Camberley from September 2022 due to it not being viable we rescheduled for January 2023 and had over 30 people sign up. We have been so blessed to see the impact that the teaching is having on those who have come. All glory to Jesus!

We have seen those who have been visibly moved as they came to nail their disc into the cross for forgiveness, and as they laid their stones at the foot of the cross for emotional healing. The presence of God in the worship has been remarkable and it is only through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit that we can do what we do. There will be more testimonies to come but the following gives a flavour of what God has been doing.

One person wrote,
“A very dear friend and prayer mentor suggested that I think and pray about attending the Forge – which I did – and it seemed the most obvious thing to do with my retirement planning and looking at what might be next for me on my journey with the Lord guiding me. Flame has given me the opportunity to look a bit deeper into why I behaved and did some of the things that I did in the past. I knew why from a practical therapeutic reason but what has been so enriching and valuable is to have confirmation of just how much GOD THE FATHER LOVES ME.”

Another person wrote,
 “I have been attending the course at Camberley and every time I come with expectation knowing that the Lord will meet with me on a very personal level as we lift his name on high. It’s such a deep and meaningful time and God has been touching me in many ways. Some weeks I feel as if I am on a high and still shaking with the presence of the Holy Spirit the next day, but this Saturday I left feeling an overwhelming sense of being held and it has continued all week, feeling just totally held in his presence.
I could not want, if I am honest, for a more meaningful course and teaching which is so biblically based, informative, some I have heard before, but so wonderfully put together and presented. I would recommend the Forge, I have known about it for some time but felt so prompted by God to apply this time and his timing is always perfect.
As you arrive you walk into Gods presence, it’s such a blessing, everyone is very welcoming and so loving and kind and you know the spiritual atmosphere has been prepared through the depth of praise and prayer the team have been putting in. All of which is totally for the glory of God. These last few years our fellowship has been through troubled times, and we have had to really call on God. Also personally I have had troubled times, but with the teaching at the Forge and prayer, God has been bringing deep restoration to my life. I have been a Christian for many years, and I try to walk openly with God and ask him to search my heart, but he has met with me in such deep ways and dealt with things that I did not realise I was holding onto. I am truly thankful to Flame International for facilitating the opportunity to come before the Lord in a refreshing way and to feel so very blessed.”
All praise and glory to God for all his love, grace, mercy and power.

Forge 1 Scotland
Renfield Centre, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JP
2nd – 3rd September
30th September – 1st October
21st – 22nd October
Forge 1 Devon
Bigbury Memorial Hall, St Anne’s Chapel, Kingsbridge, TQ7 4HG
30th September – 1st October
4th – 5th November
2nd- 3rd December
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