Field Report - Istanbul Turkey

“Be still in the presence of the Lord and wait patiently for him to act. Don’t worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes.” Psalm 37:7
The team - Jan, Robert and Sharokine, Di Payne, Karen Kendall, Robert Tanton and Gareth Barton, went to Istanbul to minister to Farsi speaking people groups. We started with three days of intercession for the security of the guesthouse and the people travelling from the nations as well as significant strongholds which required breaking in the heavenly realms. It was a huge risk for some of the people attending out of their hostile nations to meet with our team. There was much prayer for them as they crossed borders.

The first day of the 4-day Seminar was a struggle because the teaching was so new to them, one or two were very distracted, and we had to press in. After forgiveness teaching on day 2, we felt something shift in the heavenly realms and their faces changed from being downcast to joyous. It was a slow response from them, but heartfelt and not just because we asked them to forgive. We knew that relationships in the room were being reconciled. Throughout the 4 days we saw confidence build, healing take place and light come into their eyes.

On the last day there was much rejoicing, and they were praising Jesus. Trust had been difficult for them at first but by the last day the Lord had changed them, and they saw the deliverance of the Lord.

I want to make mention of Gareth coming for 3 days to take photographs, to hear testimonies, and to tell their stories, which we will publish in the future. We also need funding and we pray we can touch the hearts of people to give to this ministry.

These Farsi speaking delegates live in a very difficult dominating, intimidating culture. Most cannot go to church for fear of their lives. The only teaching they get is from the internet, but much of this is filtered. We learned so much about the fear of persecution and interrogation. We prayed these delegates will be able to know they are the head and not the tail, that the Lord has a plan for their lives, as they live under intense oppression. They live isolated lives and the fellowship at this conference was key.
Some Testimonies from the delegates: 
A lady told us that she found it hard to speak but that she has loved Jesus since she was 7 years old. She cannot compare his love with any other! When she watched the drama of the emotional healing and the water pouring, and the jar overflowing, she saw that this was like her problems. For three years her “water had been overflowing” with anger, she had withdrawn from people, saying she had blamed herself; she had forgotten God. She had bitterness in her heart. It was hurting her bones, it was heavy, and she felt arthritis on her neck. She said, “All these problems have now come out, off my neck, and suddenly I feel much lighter.” She can forgive herself and others for all these problems.

Another lady said she was very happy and thanked us for coming. That although the team’s lives might be different from theirs, they appreciate that we have come, loved them, sat with them, listened to them, blessed and served them. She said that “we have changed this week,” she could see God’s work in each one of them. From the day they first came she said, “We can see a difference how we are; you have helped to bring us to the cross”. She said that when they came, they were tired, there had been no one to hear them. God has reminded them he will always see them and hear them; he says to them he will always be with them. “We have left our pain at the cross and we are going back with joy and happiness. What we have received we can give to others.”

Another said, ‘May God bless you’. She shared how in their hometown many of them have no church to go to, nowhere to gather together to worship or celebrate. They are often alone, lonely and isolated. This has affected their relationship with God. The seminars have reminded them of what’s most important and about the issues that they’ve had but were too scared to talk about and didn’t want to face. She thought that she had previously forgiven people for what they have done, but now she knows for sure. “God is great! He has bought salvation”, although she would be shaking, she could face the fears and will speak to God face to face!

A lady saw a picture of a person stooped, carrying a heavy weight, and realised she had back pain because of what she has been carrying for many years. She has realised she’s adding more and more pain through the journey of her life. She wanted to be the best mother and wife, trying to do her best, but was just getting worse and worse. She wants us to know she has put these burdens down and is standing straight. Although she still has the scars, they are like those Jesus had from the nails. She can see this week that Jesus has done a great work, “thank you and thank you Holy Spirit for revealing this to us”. She has forgiven herself for oppressing herself. There will be lots of traumas in life, this is normal, but this teaching will make her a light in the world to help others to be set free from their pain, thank you.
A gentleman praised the Lord for the conference which had provided all the “points” he needed to hear. He had realised he’d been wounded for many years because of the ministry he had been in. He thought the wound was covered over, that he had forgiven, but realised he didn’t know the difference between forgiving and forgetting. The teaching had opened the wound again and brought up the bitterness. After that, when they were sitting and praying, and Robert said “you need to forgive” he realised he had not forgiven. It came out! “Praise the Lord!” All the wounds from these brothers were washed away. He knows the wound is closed now, the scar is still there but the hatred and hurt is over. He can understand what Jesus said on the cross, ‘I forgive them for they know not what they do.’
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