Armenia September 2022

“In that day the people will proclaim, “This is our God! We trusted in him, and he saved us! This is the Lord, in whom we trusted. Let us rejoice in the salvation he brings!” Isaiah 25:9
The team of Jan, Tristan, Di, Mark, Phillip, Sally, and Kathy came back from this mission in Armenia, rejoicing with all the Lord has done in the lives of many ex-soldiers who we ministered to. We were so blessed to have many intercessors praying for us. We know that the prayer made a huge difference to the lives of these soldiers. In fact, one facilitator said, “This is the best ever Seminar.” They had more prayer cover than ever before and this must have made a difference.
We started the mission with intercession, first as a team and then with about 15 people from Armenia and Artsakh. The Intercession Leader, Di Payne, had a word that there was a shroud over the whole nation, including Artsakh. By revelation, it was considered likely that the land in Armenia had been covenanted to the powers of darkness. When this was discussed with the Armenians, they knew their country history and there was a point in their history when they considered this could have happened. There was forgiveness and representational repentance, and the shroud (Isaiah 25:7-10) was lifted off the nation in spiritual terms. The next day there was digging up spiritually of the roots of death and cursing on the land. We also ministered to the 5 people from Artsakh who are effectively living in an ongoing war zone. Please pray for these dear ones who are staying in this place as it is their homeland, with huge pressures on them.
On the final night of the mission, we discussed the intercession we had done with the Senior Pastor in Hrazdan Church and informed him of our revelation. He talked about the sense he had that Armenia/Artsakh is like Jairus’ daughter in death and only Jesus (through the church) can resurrect the nation. We know we were hitting important issues in the spiritual realms. We know more prayer is required. In Hrazdan, over 80 people meet to pray each day for 2 hours for their nation, apparently this is repeated throughout the land in churches.
When we arrived at Ripa Hotel (a ski chalet which has been refurbished since we last stayed there, about 10 years ago), we had approximately 30 people who acted as volunteer facilitators and we taught them how to minister on: Foundational Beliefs, including Trauma and Spirit, Soul and Body, Truth and Lies, Freedom from Fear, Lordship of Jesus, Forgiveness, Binding and Loosing and Deliverance. We also prayed with many of them, and they loved the dramas, which we mainly taught on, and they really warmed to us. They were being prepared for the seminar with the wounded soldiers.
After 2 days the 48 wounded ex-soldiers arrived, some with shrapnel and bullet wounds still being held together by leg support structures. They arrived with dark faces, obviously traumatised and sadness over them. Many carried guilt because the nation expected them to win the war, but after 44 days and approximately 5000 deaths, the politicians stopped the war, which they had not won and in certain areas there is occupation by Azerbaijan. Therefore, now they are blamed in part for the loss of the war.
The Seminar included 2 hours of teaching each day by us, bonding games/activities, free time, a main speaker each evening and then small groups run by the volunteer facilitators. The soldiers listened intently, and it was clear that they enjoyed our dramas, teaching the same topics that we had given the volunteers, except Binding and Loosing and Deliverance, but including Loss and Grief. They were offered prayer, and some came. One young man said, “How did she know my situation? Everything that was spoken about applies to me.”
The gospel was preached at every session we taught, then each evening and in small groups. We know that many accepted Jesus and this was evident by their changed countenance, the fact that they became friends with us and loved just hanging out with us. On the last day one 21-year-old said, “Those who came from afar have completed their assignment.” It was such a joy to see the changed lives, with happy and light faces, laughter, and some healed bodies. We believe about 30 percent accepted Jesus as their Saviour, but it could be many more. We have some words which said, “It is done” and we believe the Lord will complete the work he has started. We were walking in faith and not by sight.
There were many spiritual battles throughout the whole week, not just for us but also with our hosts, which had a knock-on effect to our team. We have at least two team members who have returned with COVID and one with very bad stomach pains, having drunk some water which may not have been clean. Please pray for healing for Sally, Tristan and Kathy. The battle continues, but Jesus changed lives in the power of the Holy Spirit, and we continue to fight the battle, for our amazing team, but also for the ex- soldiers who have had their lives touched and changed. We give all the glory to Jesus.
Every blessing