Armenia May 2019

We had a ground-breaking mission to Armenia in May 2019, when a team of 9 left the UK for an uncertain two weeks of ministry. There were several uncertainties in the programme and the team had to rely on the Holy Spirit and go with the flow of where he was leading us. It was exciting to lean on the Lord and see the way the programme unfolded before us.
Early in the mission, one of the team had a picture of the river of life (Revelation 22), with the Apostolic Church on one side and the other Protestant Churches on the opposite side, with no way of meeting each other. This picture was shared widely on the mission and our prayer is that one day the two sides would be in the river together!

The mission started with a planned visit to a Pentecostal church in Zorovan, where we had ministered before. The people here were hungry for more of the Lord, and there were testimonies of healing. We were then invited to minister in a church in a nearby town. This was also our second visit to this church. On arrival, we were met with many testimonies of how the Lord had healed people during and after our previous visit.  We thank the Lord for continuing his work in people’s lives after we have left.
We then visited Campus Crusade for Christ, who gave us the opportunity to share what was on our hearts. Jeremy talked about the history of why we were in Armenia and Jan spoke on Spiritual Warfare. We had a day of intercession for the nation, with intercessors from Armenia and our own team. We spent time prophetically unstopping spiritual wells.

Jeremy and Jan had 2 hours with 68 Apostolic priests who were also chaplains to the army, while the team prayed for them back at the hotel. While there were some distractions during the visit, the priests received teaching on grief and loss.
Then on Pentecost Sunday, we were invited to an Apostolic Church in Khachik, a small town literally on the border with Azerbaijan. We could see soldiers on the other side in their bunkers and were probably within sniper range! After attending Holy Liturgy, with about 40 soldiers also present, we spoke to the church on forgiveness and emotional healing. We know the Lord was doing something because of the tears in the eyes of many. We have an open invitation to return. The whole team knew we were breaking new ground.
We then proceeded to Artsakh. Here was another uncertainty, as we weren’t sure what to expect when we got there.  On arrival, we met with the leader of the Evangelical wing of the Apostolic Church, named Brotherhood. He had told his leaders we were coming, but not his church, so with 24 hours to go, we had no idea if anyone would turn up at all! The last time we had been there, we spent 4 days interceding for the Lord to part the Red Sea, which he did with a meeting with the Apostolic priests. This time, we hoped to do some ministry! We knew the Lord had called us there.

On the first evening, 67 people attended; the next evening 84 people came and on the final night, more than 100 turned up. We were overwhelmed with individuals wanting prayer and we know that MANY were healed! There was so much trauma from the war with Azerbaijan and we saw changed faces and hunger for more of the Lord and for our ministry.
There was a huge amount of prayer. Sadly, testimonies were difficult to get in public. We believe the Red Sea has parted and there is an open door for us to return. The assistant leader told us that this type of ministry had never been seen before, but because they recognised the love that we brought, the people accepted it. We know at least 4 women gave their lives to Jesus! We know that the Lord was there, he met these dear traumatised fearful people and opened wide a door. This was a very unusual mission. We are in awe of what the Lord did.