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Isaiah 43:18, “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” We shouldn’t be surprised, it’s happened too many times for it to be so, but, it’s such an affirmation when Jesus moves in power in the lives of those who come on the Forge. We see healing, restoration, transformation and deliverance. We always make a point of ensuring that all of the praise, honour and glory goes to him. It’s everything to do with him, but we get the joy and privilege of being part of his kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven and making disciples who go on to make disciples.

In the summer we were at the Refuel event in Scotland. This not only gave us the opportunity to teach and minister to the folks who were there but also to recruit for the next Forge Scotland. The viability of any Forge is dependent on there being sufficient numbers to run the course. A number of times we have taken a step of faith as the numbers were not quite there and then the Lord has opened the door and we have had sufficient people sign up. In fact, more than enough! He always provides abundantly more than all we could ask or imagine. As I write we have Forge 2 running in Camberley and Devon and Forge 1 in Leeds, and have recently completed Forge 1 in Scotland.

Here are some of the testimonies we have received from the Forges:

“For 40 years I was held in bondage with family issues and relationships. After forgiving and receiving prayer I have been totally released and healed. My family relationships have changed. We are in good communication with each other. The timing is incredible, and I feel very much at peace.” Her whole face and countenance has changed.

“God has released me from bitterness towards my earthly father and I am healed from that bitter root judgement.”

“I have experienced rejection and isolation from my teens, and it has followed me through my life. It caused me great pain in my chest and loss of breath and I could not take it anymore. Then I heard about this course and then joined you for the teaching and prayers, had I not, it would have followed me for the rest of my life. Now I am released. Yesterday God dealt with bitter root judgement. There is more to do but I know that God will continue with the healing process”.

"God highlighted a disassociated person disorder and through the 3 weekends I have been healed. I have also been healed from self-rejection. I feel totally free.”

"Physical healing of the numbness around scars from a historic operation, now gone".

From Forge Devon: My husband manages a dairy farm with 360 cows, it is a spring calving farm, so we need all the cows to calve in 12 weeks. My husband finds serving time very stressful because it is so important for the following year’s calving, so this year I prayed every morning for high numbers of bulling cows and also for them to stay in calf. About a month into serving, it was discovered that we had an outbreak of Bovine Virus Diarrhoea (BVD), which has a very bad effect on fertility. When it came to pregnancy checking the cows everyone, including the vet, was very concerned and expected very low in calf rate for the first six weeks. But to everyone’s amazement, 76 % were in calf, which is the best result the farm has achieved even without BVD. God truly is wonderful!

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