South Sudan October 2022

“Oh give thanks to the Lord for he is good. His steadfast love endures for ever” Ps 107:1
What a privilege it is to serve the Lord and we delight in seeing His love for His children in South Sudan. The Flame team of 6 returned to the UK after spending 15 days in South Sudan, Wau Diocese, Bahr El Ghazal. A South Sudanese brother joined us once we reached Juba and the Seven of us took the Badr Airlines flight to Wau. This was our first experience of Badr Airlines, and apart from the struggle to book tickets from the UK, the flights were good and comfortable.
We stayed in the ECSS Guest House in Wau, a place familiar to us, and although basic it was very good, ideal for our purposes, and we were very well served. Our thanks go Internal Archbishop Moses Deng Bol for the invitation and to the Wau team for hosting our visit and enabling the programme of Trauma Healing Conferences to run smoothly.

Our first 3 days were spent in the 5 Division Barracks with 53 Chaplains, officers and soldiers. The days were packed with teachings and prayer ministry and the presence of the Lord was tangible on each day. We therefore saw shoulders lift and eyes and faces brighten as the days went by. The worship exuded the joy of the Lord, as did the laughter so we were not surprised to hear many testimonies of inner healing and some of physical healing.

One soldier said “I am very happy, full of happy. My body is here but my heart was at home because I have a sick child four and a half years old who has malaria and other diseases. The child was prayed for yesterday and is now well.”

Another soldier said “I am sick. There is a block in my back which makes my speech heavy. Today I am faster, my body is strong.” He was certainly full of energy as he lead the worship

Another said “This teaching went deep into my life. I am struggling because of a friend. He was like a brother and was helping me in my business. The business collapsed and my friend hated me. He broke my jaw and knocked a tooth out. I could take a legal case out against him but I decided not to but there was great pain in my life. Yesterday I decided to forgive but there was still pain in my heart. I nailed the disc on the Cross and now I am free”
Sunday services were the second highlight of our time in Wau. We preached on Forgiveness across 4 churches on the first Sunday and across preached in 5 services and 4 churches on the second Sunday. In congregations where Forgiveness was taught, we shared other Flame teachings, and on every occasion the teaching and prayer was well received. We loved the worship and dancing and the warmth of the welcome that made it easy to build relationships in the brief time we were in the churches.

Our second week was spent running a 5 day Trauma Healing Conference and Workshop for 52 Pastors and Leaders of Wau Diocese. After a shaky start we quickly got into the routine of the day and we were able to focus attention on the teaching and prayer ministry. We enjoyed 3 days of teaching and 2 days of small group workshops. It was clear from the questions being asked that the delegates were receiving the teachings and taking them seriously. This was also confirmed when, in the small groups where the teachings were put into practice, most took courage and prayed into the deep traumas presented by each person. In the same way that we saw the soldiers heads being lifted up, we saw the countenances of Pastors and Leaders change as the week progressed. There was a joy and lightness that filled the small church, and faces that beamed at us with eyes shining. Sleeping soundly at night is usually a sign of inner healing and they all said how well they were sleeping whereas before the training this was not the case. We praise God for his love and compassion for healing.

The testimonies of healing were slow to start but then we had to stop due to shortage of time. There were testimonies of healing and through forgiveness families reunited and long term broken relationships restored, blessings flowing with realisation that we reap what we sow, sicknesses at home healed as Jesus healed in the conference. Every one of the testimonies witnessed the healing power of Jesus and we rejoice in all that has been done.

The fourth exciting event was an added extra when the Academic Dean of the Bible School asked if some training could be given for those who had not been invited to the 5 day conference. The team were more than willing to do something, so a half day – 8am to 1pm was set up for the Saturday. Once agreed it offered an opportunity for the Pastors and Leaders who had just been trained to strengthen their new found prayer ministry skills outside of the conference setting. It was offered as voluntary and we were delighted when 12 from the training arrived at the Cathedral keen to join in. These 12 became the ministry team for the half day healing conference. 56 delegates arrived and we quickly started the teaching programme and interspersed it with prayer ministry times when the ministry team prayed in pairs for all 56 delegates who rushed for prayer at every opportunity. It was wonderful to see the ministry team praying so well and they absolutely loved it, as did the delegates.

Once again we have returned with precious memories and all the richer for working as God’s hands and feet as we took out the Gospel to Wau and ministered the love of Jesus into over 2,200 South Sudanese believers, hungry for the Word of God and hungry for healing.
None of this could have been achieved without the presence of Jesus and the faithful prayers of our prayer supporters who laboured with us.

The Flame team are grateful to God and for every prayer prayed.
Love and Blessing
Val and the Wau Team