Hassan’s Story

“I had to leave the country and leave everything behind, except for one bag”

I came from a Muslim family and my story of becoming a Christian is a beautiful one but sad also.

I was 16 when my father passed away. I then started to search for who we are, as humans, and who is the real God. A Christian friend spoke to me and I went to their home where I learned all about Jesus. I then got invited to meet the pastor who surprised me because he was so friendly and informal, and like me, he had a very difficult and sinful past, and we connected very well and very quickly. My life didn’t change immediately, apart from me starting to pray every night. The changes in my life didn’t happen dramatically, but gradually over many years.

And then I started to share my faith with the people around me. I met a girl who became a Christian and we married after one year. My family were well known as a respectable family. So when her father heard about this he was ok because he knew of my father. He didn’t know that we were both now Christians. Then, when he found out, he threatened me. He is a very powerful and connected man, and a radical Muslim. He told me, “If you don’t divorce my daughter, I will have you killed. You will die in a car accident.”

I had to leave the country and leave everything behind, except for one bag, and became a refugee. My wife came to join me and again when he found out we were here he threatened to come over and kill me. That was a while ago now and we are completely cut off from him. But if he found out where we are now we would be in trouble, so we can’t get official papers, we have to stay as refugees. We’re just a number. Sometimes I am sad for my wife but she says now her life is here with me and our child, and not at home with her father.

“BUT I am ready to die for Christ, I’m not ready to die for my father in law!”

Our faith was more like a candle than a fire and we had to protect it very carefully. But now we are stronger and we have been able to share our faith without fear. And we have started a church here.

It is so great to share this freedom with others and the Flame team, and to worship together without restrictions. And the Flame training is so helpful. It’s so important for people who are struggling back at home. Especially with the issue of control. Even when you are married. The parents still control so much. I wanted to name my own business and the government refused to let me call it what I wanted! It’s so oppressive. If I were to fly home today I would be arrested at the airport. I have been blacklisted. I would go straight to prison. But I am ready to die for Christ, but only at the right time. I’m not ready to die for my father in law!
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