Flame at Refuel '23

We had such a brilliant week at The Refuel Summer Festival in Scotland from 24th – 27th July at the Gordon Castle Estate, Fochabers, Scotland!

Over 4 (mostly) sunny days we taught on topics of emotional healing, forgiveness, bitter root judgments, healing the human spirit and freedom from trauma. We sensed the presence of the Lord in our marquee and lots of tears flowed. The tent was overflowing with people and we were able to do some really deep ministry through the afternoons.
An amazing Blacksmith – Derro from Highland Forge joined us and demonstrated the power of a blacksmith to mould and shape, the physical demonstration of what Holy Spirit does too.

We know unity commands a blessing but we were still surprised when we joined together will Ellel Ministries for a seminar on forgiveness, that we had people sitting inside and outside our tent! The presence of the Lord was tangible, Peter Brokaar spoke on forgiveness and got folk to write down a list of people they needed to forgive. Then we burnt the lists in the Forge. Jan then spoke on bitter root judgement and asked people to come and give their bitterness to JESUS. The cross was full!  
We’re thanking God for all of this and were delighted to head back to Scotland for our Forge in Glasgow in September!  We had 23 delegates sign up for the Forge and the Lord has done amazing things. We give all the glory to Jesus. It is such a privilege to minister into the lives of the broken-hearted.
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