Thank you, Jesus

In December 2019 I was at a work team-building afternoon at an ice rink. I was skating around with my friends and slowly the rink got more crowded as lots of little school children arrived. A little boy skated out in front of me as I was going round and in trying to avoid knocking him over, I swerved, lost my balance and fell flat on my back landing on my coccyx. I just lay there in pain thinking I should get up as I’m soaking in all the cold water off the top of the ice, but I couldn’t move. After a while, with help from the staff, I was able to get up and be guided off the ice. It was so painful to move, and walking was very slow and difficult. 

From that time on I was not able to sit for more than 20 minutes without being uncomfortable and having to stand up, and I definitely could not sit on a hard surface. I would stand in church, and any meetings or conferences that I went to; even when we were out having dinner I would have to keep getting up and stand for a while to relieve the pain. My coccyx was so uncomfortable I found it easier to stand and I got used to it. Work bought me a standing desk, and this was my life.

In February 2023 I was on the Forge discipleship course in Devon. I had heard the teaching on healing from shock and trauma previously, but it was as I listened to a lady give her testimony about being released from shock and trauma, that I had a light bulb moment and I realised that when I was lying on the ice not able to move, I was in shock and had trauma as a result of the accident.

The ladies in my group prayed with me. First, I had to forgive the management for letting too many people on the ice and making it crowded. Secondly, I forgave the little boy who moved out in front of me causing me to fall, and thirdly I forgave myself for falling. One of the ladies had a picture of something coiled around my coccyx and as soon as she said it, I felt the pain there even though I was leaning forward so that there was no pressure on my coccyx. As we prayed the shock and trauma off and the healing in, I felt the pain spiral from my coccyx all the way up my spine and breathed it out. I was immediately able to sit back without any discomfort. Since that moment I have been pain free and able to sit normally. Thank you, Jesus!
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